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MedPalyno 2017. Abstracts eBookMedPalyno 2017 – Abstracts eBook

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Help to a responsible food consumption

Please, help us to make a sustainable use of the meals answering YES or NOT to each case. Let us know before 30 August writing to

  • I’ll be having the meal on Monday 4th September (13-14:30 h)
  • I’ll be having the meal on Tuesday 5 th September (13:15-14:30 h)
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Buy a MedPalyno 2017 souvenir

Would you like to have a souvenir from MedPalyno 2017?

If yes, let us know as soon as possible and best before 30 August writing to


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PRIZES to oral and poster presentations!

The organizing societies (APLE, GPPSBI and APLF) have accorded to give 8 prizes to the best presentations, distributed as follows:

  • AEROBIOLOGY – 2 prizes for Poster and 1 prize for Oral presentations
  • PALEOPALYNOLOGY – 2 prizes for Poster and 1 prize for Oral presentations

The prizes will be delivered during the Closing Ceremony

Remember to follow the presentation norms and GOOD LUCK!

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Latest & practical information

Get practical information on Barcelona transport options and the Venue of the Symposium

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Additional Information

Although we recommend to make the presentation in English; Spanish, Italian and French languages will  also be  admitted.

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Welcome to MedPalyno 2017


It is my pleasure to announce you that we are organizing


on behalf of the Asociación de Palinólogos de Lengua Española (APLE), the Gruppo di Palinologia e Paleobotanica della Società Botanica Italiana (GPPSBI) and the Association des Palynologues de Langue Française (APLF).

The Mediterranean Palynology Symposium 2017 will be held in Barcelona city center (UPF School of Management, Balmes 132-134),  in September 4 – 6, 2017.

For the first time, three palynological societies around the Mediterranean (from Spain, Italy and France) plus palynologists from Greece, organize a joint Symposium. The diversity of pollen and spores related themes, together with the multiculturalism of the participants, will provide a forum for analysis, discussion and ideas exchange around the latest research offering great opportunities for interdisciplinary future collaborations.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that promises to be a wonderful Symposium venue. It offers excellent possibilities for the development of the scientific meeting as well as a bunch of opportunities for the free time.  It is an easy connected destination, has excellent hotels and restaurants for all budgets, monuments, parks, shopping, market squares and other places to visit, as well as beaches, urban and peri-urban forests and fluvial areas that surround it. The nightlife offers are non-negligible. The public transport system helps to reach everything that is not in walking distance.

I look forward to seeing you at the Symposium!

MedPalyno 2017 President

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