Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission since 16 January 2017

Abstract Submission up to 02 May 2017

Notification of acceptance 15 May 2017

Abstract is a one-page document (no longer than 1 page) written in English and organized:

– Title
– List of authors with affiliations
– Background
– Methods
– Results
– Conclusions
– References, Tables and Figures (if needed)

Please do not change the layout of the form provided and do not exceed one page.

You can download the format here

Abstracts have to be sent to MedPalyno 2017 Scientific Secretary at medpalyno@uab.cat.

Please name the document as follows:
MedPalyno 2017_First author family name (and number if needed).docx
(example MedPalyno 2017_Belmonte 1.docx; MedPalyno 2017_Belmonte 2.docx)

After submitting your abstract you will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as the Scientific Secretary registers it. Please do not resubmit the abstract. In case you do not receive a notification on the status of your abstract, please contact the MedPalyno 2017 Scientific Secretary.

Abstract submission categories:

– Aerobiology
– Melissopalynology
– Paleopalynology
– Pollen morphology, biology and biochemistry
– Other Palynology related research