APLE and APLF offer, each of them, 2 grants valid for the registration to MedPalyno 2017. These grants are offered to young members (PhD students or Post-docs) of these associations.

Grant application form  (here) to be send  by 30 April 2017 to together with

1- the abstract of your contribution

2- a short (maximum 1 page) CV

3- a letter attesting your status (PhD student/PostDoc).

Final decision – APLE Grants to MedPalyno 2017        9th June 2017

The APLE Executive Committee has decided to allocate the two grants of € 250 offered for attending the MedPalyno2017 Symposium to the following applicants:
– Jordi Revelles
– Antonio Picornell

For this decision the merits of the applicants have been taken into account, as well as having the status of Ph.D. students.

The committee has also considered the CVs presented by the rest of the applicants and two additional half grants of € 125 have been allocated to the following applicants:
– Cristina Val
– Iris Galván-Escobedo

The other applicants have been excluded for not having the status APLE members, as requested in the announcement.

Our congratulations to the winners.
President of APLE, M. Mar Trigo
Secretary of APLE, Concepción De Linares

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Do you want to become a member of APLF? Send an e-mail to Sébastian Joannin ( or to María Fernanda Sánchez-Goñi ( explaining your interest in becoming an APLF member.